Ecommerce or online commerce revolves around the buying and selling of goods via the internet. ecommerce is considered to be the greatest invention of the decade adhering to the profitable benefits it possesses. There are three major issues involved to create an online commerce software.

 The beginning step to start a web store is to get a domain name and server space to host. The domain name needs to be a user-friendly one. Server space depends on each company’s requirements. Web stores are immensely gainful these days as it saves travel time and cost. The next important step is to fabricate the design for the shopping cart and decide on the number of web pages. The design should be attractive and understandable. First a photoshop document of the design should be formulated. Then, the psd of the design should be converted into HTML coding.

 The after step is the development phase. The languages like PHP, JSP, CSS and the like can be utilized. But, PHP would be the apt one as it is of the open source kind. The databases MySQL , SQL or oracle can be used. MySQL would be suitable to use along with PHP. It is vital to do code optimization. The next step is to do the testing for the site. The code, navigation and the like should be tested. It would be right to make a real trial purchase, note the errors that occur and rectify them as soon as possible. Requisite features should be added on to the web store. The site should be fashioned for the visitors and not the search engines. Navigation system should be designed properly so that the visitors get a pleasant shopping experience. Features to rate the products should be available in the ecommerce software inorder to know the website’s positives and drawbacks.

 Either you can create your own ecommerce script, that will take more than 5 months time to establish, or you can buy an ecommerce site. Wondering how? There are lot of companies that sell online commerce sites with which you can launch your business in just 24 hours. This hugely saves your real time and is extremely cost effective when compared to developing an online commerce site on your own. But you need to choose the right company that offers a web store that is code optimized and has all the features that exert a pull on the visitors of the site.